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About Us

Spa Star 007 LLC (Spa007) is focus on the manufacturing of Pedicure Spa exclusively dedicated to service the Beauty Salon industry. We combine our focused with the latest technology and our field of expertise with strong commitment to deliver with the highest level of customer care. Our initial areas of focus are quality, reliability, durability, and affordability. We believe we're well-positioned to create a unique market share given our ability to meet the demand required from coast-to-coast relatively quickly and cost effectively in this industry.

Spa007 LLC has a distinct advantage when designing and manufacturing Pedicure Spa. As a manufacturer and retailer, Spa007 LLC controls the process from design to delivery. This allows us to offer the best value on all our quality line of products.

At Spa007 LLC our mission is to offer the best Pedicure Spa possible and to support it with excellent quality and customer care.

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